When it comes to running your own business as an author, there are so many social media options available to you. From Facebook to Twitter to Instagram to SnapChat to Pinterest the opportunities are endless. Finding the best fit for you and your readers is the biggest hurdle for any author.

In my experience, readers are all over the place, but finding “your people” can be a trial and error process. Now, please keep in mind this is from my experience, and it’s not an end-all-be-all guide.


As of today, regardless of the genre you write in, Facebook seems to be the best bet for reaching readers. However, HOW you reach people on Facebook can be very different.


  • If you are a young adult or new adult author and have a fairly large following, you absolutely want to start a closed Facebook group for your readers. It seems to be the best way to get your posts within the timeline feed, and the younger readers tend to be VERY active within these groups. Readers love to login and chat and gossip with fellow readers, so these groups tend to foster that kind of environment.
  • I’ve seen TONS of historical romance authors have incredible success with their author pages. Reminding your follows to turn on the notifications for your author page every now and then can also be a big factor in getting your posts within your readers timelines.
  • If you write a popular genre, I’ve seen a lot of author groups have success with starting a theme group. Take the Locker Room ladies for example. They are a group of authors who write sports romance, and they started a closed group together for sports romance fans. They support and promote each other, and the group has great interaction and reach. Getting together with a group of shifter friends, or alien friends, or cowboy friends would be a great way to cross-promote with readers who you know will like the genre you write within.


I’ve found that Twitter seems to be the best way to come across on a more personal note, as crazy as that might seem. On Twitter, you have the chance to reach out to readers and bloggers on a one-on-one basis. Doing some promo stuff is great, but building relationships and familiar bonds on Twitter seems to be the way to go right now.


  • Be sure to mix the personal and professional.
  • When tweeting promotional sales/releases/etc. it’s best to vary your TIME tweeting over the course of a few days, to hit multiple different audiences.


If you are a big fan of pictures, Instagram is also a great way to reach people. If you love to travel, share cat pictures, or make your own teasers, Instagram can be a wonderful resource to reach out to other image-loving readers.


  • It’s always fun for readers/bloggers to see you re-post their fan-made teasers to your Instagram page. Be sure to call them out for the excellent work they do.
  • Make sure you utilize those hashtags!


If you aren’t a huge fan of doing a blog on your website, but like the idea of doing every now and then blogging, tumblr might be the best resource for you. There are so many romance readers on tumblr that love to get your mini blog updates. Tumblr is like an extended Twitter, and a great way to do some blogging, without having the formality of having a blog on your website.


  • Link your tumblr to your website and other social media to notify all your followers of new entries


Keep in mind that the world of social media is constantly evolving, and what works today for someone might not work for you. And what works for you today may not work for you next year.

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